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arr3Benefitové poukážkyVážení zákazníci! V predajni Funtastic môžete platiť aj benefitovými lístkami spoločností UP... arr3Antikvariát kníh a komiksovVo Funtasticu nájdete aj bazár s knihami. Máte na povale päťkrát prečitané knihy, či komiksy, na... arr3Pozvánka do klubu pre hráčov spoločenských hier  Klub hráčov spoločenských hier Funtastic nájdete v priestoroch predajne Funtastic na Heydukovej...

Akciový tovar

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AKČNÉ FIGÚRKY / Nezaradené

V tejto kategórii nájdete tovar, ktorý pre vás vieme objednať. Dodanie takéhoto tovaru môže trvať do dvoch týždňov. Ak by ste mali záujem o figúrky, ktoré v tejto ponuke nie sú, môžete sa na nás obrátiť a pokúsime sa ich pre vás zabezpečiť.

Break free from the shelf! No matter how much articulation a figure has, your posing possibilities have been limited by gravity... until now.NECA's Dynamic Action Figure Display Stand is an articulated, telescoping stand with two interchangeable bases for display on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Achieve a full range of dramatic, acrobatic, action-packed poses on flat surfaces, then swap
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Sixty years ago cartoonist Charles Schulz introduced newspaper readers to Charlie Brown and his friends in his comic strip, Peanuts. Medicom celebrates the unmatched creativity of Schulz with these new Peanuts UDFs (Ultra Detail Figures) of Linus & Snoopy. Window box packaging.
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 A unique sculpture depicting HOGWARTS being guarded by Dementors flying overhead. Crafted in pewter and wood with a crystal clear glass ball.    
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Marvel Studio's Captain America The first Avenger Golden Age Shield by eFX collectibles. Cleverly depicted as Steve Rodger's performance (and first battle) shield in Captain America: The First Avenger, this badge-like aegis was what the good Captain originally wielded in his comics debut way back in December 1940 (Captain America Comics #1, cover dated as March 1941). This high-quality metal
naša cena 19,95 €

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Oficiálne licencovaný dáždnik s motívom Star Wars s LED svetelnými efektmi. Napájanie: 3x AA batérie - Officially licensed Star Wars umbrella with Light Up Function (4 different colors)- Diameter: approx. 93 cm- Batteries included (3x AA)
naša cena 34,95 €

Sideshow is proud to present Mortighull: The Risen Reaper General Premium Format™Figure, a terrifying new addition to our original Court of the Dead collection... The Reaper General Mortighull walks the knife's edge of a warrior who must bring about peace through destruction. Standing over 67 cm tall, the Risen Reaper General is an imposing and impressive figure, wielding the legendary sword
naša cena 689,00 €

Stavebnica figúriek Warhammer 40000.
naša cena 15,95 €

Stavebnica figúriek Warhammer 40000.
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Kotobukiya's Bishoujo lineup of great characters from cinema continues with none other than The Bride from Kill Bill! Wearing her yellow suit with black stripes and matching shoes, the Bride holds her specially forged katana at the ready. Based on a new character interpretation by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita. The Bride stands on a Kill Bill themed base that matches the yellow and black of
naša cena 95,00 €

It's a battle for Hyrule! Link and Ganondorf are battling it out once again...this time in the classic strategy game of chess! Challenge your friends to a game of chess with 32 highly detailed custom sculpted vinyl pieces. Each piece is approx. 3-6 cm tall. This Collectors chess set features a UV finished board and comes in a premium styled window box. Chess Pieces: Heroes- Link (King)- Zelda
naša cena 79,95 €

- Embossed helmet with feathered mane- Embossed Cuirass with shoulder armor-Gauntlets- Greaves- Roman General Boots- 2 x Gladius Sword with Scabbard
naša cena 90,00 €

The first film based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula is Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. This German Expressionist silent-era horror film, directed by F.W. Murnau, stars Max Schreck as the vampire, Count Orlok. The look of Schreck's vampire frightened movie audiences. He was gaunt and bald and frightening with rat-like fangs, bat-like ears, and cat-like claws at the end of his inhumanly long
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Bolt the doors and block the chimney because Krampus is here, and he's brought with him his team of happy Christmas Elves. These creepy holiday henchmen take great joy in their work. Giggling and laughing as they wrap and trap their victims in chains and bells. Crafted by Weta Workshop sculptor Jamie Beswarick this unsettling cloaked character features a plague mask and a rusty bone saw with
naša cena 289,00 €

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High quality resin statue, approx. 66 cm tall. Edition size: 300 worldwideSculpted by: Andrey Bogomolov, Ehren Bienert & Arahom Radjah
naša cena 649,00 €

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A sexy bounty hunter/thief "Winanna , the Hunter" hates the city life, so one day she leaves it and starts her own adventure with her side kick "Dhamgi, the Giant". Today's prey is "coleous" beasts she has hunted earlier.Adult coleous are sold well in the city and baby ones are great eating! This 1/6 Scale Winanna The Hunter is from an original storyline, "Heletha and the Valets" by Shin Tanabe
naša cena 269,00 €

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Temptation of Lady Death Premium Format(TM) Figure. A fan favorite since her inception in the black and white pages of Evil Ernie, Lady Death is one of the original bad girls of comics! This femme fatale has come a long way from her medieval beginnings, having gone from being the sovereign ruler of Hell to the savior of the universe, the avatar of
naša cena 499,00 €

Solárny otočný stojan na akčné figúrky. Rozmery: 100 x 100 x 42 mm Nosnosť: max 500g Rýchlosť otáčania závisí od intenzity svetla. Obrázky sú ilustračné. Balenie neobsahuje figúrky.
naša cena 9,95 €

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Faceless beings of fear and dread, the nine Nazgul, or Ringwraiths, were undead servants of the Dark Lord Sauron, enslaved by the Rings of Power they wore upon their spectral fingers. Once kings of Men, their identities have been lost, subsumed by their master’s inexorable will. When word of the One Ring’s return comes to Mordor, Sauron dispatches the Nine with orders to retrieve this most mighty
naša cena 85,00 €

It is said that a person’s name shapes their destiny. Then what of Malefic? Certainly, in the days of Final Judgment, the path is clear for one whose name is evil… or is it?Yamato USA is pleased to unveil the next installation in its Fantasy Figure Gallery: Malefic Battle Damage Version by Luis Royo. This dominating 1/4 scale resin statue stands 48 cm tall and comes with certificate of
naša cena 559,00 €