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Úvod » ANTIKVARIÁT » Knihy » A - Songs of the Earth [Cooper Elspeth]


A - Songs of the Earth [Cooper Elspeth]


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Číslo produktu: B211231017
Autor: Cooper Elspeth
Jazyk: EN
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5,00 €

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Informácie o produkte

SONGS OF THE EARTH is the most compelling debut fantasy novel since Patrick Rothfuss first hit the shelves four years ago, with the stunning THE NAME OF THE WIND. Combining superb characterisation with an epic story, it is beautifully told and engaging from the very first word.

Bazárový tovar!

Gair is under a death sentence. He can hear music - music with power - and in the Holy City that means only one thing: he's a witch and he's going to be burnt at the stake. Even if he could escape, the Church Knights and their witchfinder would be hot on his heels while his burgeoning power threaten to tear him apart from within.

There is no hope...none, but a secretive order, themselves persecuted almost to destruction. If Gair can escape, if he can master his own growing, dangerous abilities, if he can find the Guardians of the Veil, then maybe he will be safe. Or maybe he'll discover that his fight has only just begun...

Autor: Cooper Elspeth
Vydal: Orion Publishing Co
Jazyk: EN
Väzba: Paperback
Počet strán: 496
Rozmery knihy: 130 x 197 mm
Rok vydania: 2014